Life as a Social Media Intern During COVID-19

Life as a Social Media Intern During COVID-19

The life of a social media intern, and what I learned in the process.

My internship with Cadencey started in January and went through May, and as you can imagine, there were a lot of changes throughout the way. COVID-19 has changed almost every industry in one way or another, and companies have had to adapt. For interns – we were already in a position of learning, and the pandemic pushed us towards even more unique experiences.

Below, I will discuss my usual day in the life as a social media intern before and during the pandemic.

In-Person Meetings Transition Online

It is import to note that my internship with Cadencey started in January and is finished in May. Starting off, my weeks would consist of meetings twice a week in the wonderful city of Atlanta.

Meetings consisted of learning about all things social media marketing. I learned all about social media management, graphic design, content creation, branding, marketing strategy, marketing research, etc.

As an extrovert myself, in-person meetings are where I thrive the most. I felt so inspired during meetings because I was encouraged to tap into my creative side. Its so true that when you find your passion – it doesn’t feel like work!

Once remote work set in, things changed like crazy. I had to learn to be flexible and work on my time management. Meetings transitioned to online – which sometimes created some fun technology errors. Thanks to Trello and Notion, my boss and I were able to effectively allocate tasks and stay organized.

Social Media Management

One of the most essential and obvious daily tasks involved managing our client’s social media accounts. Learning in this department consisted of brand voice, copy, engagement, and management platforms.

Working with multiple clients at once means being able to instantly change brand voice. This was a crucial skill that I needed to learn to effectively write copy. Then, I was able to use the management platforms to schedule content – which can get hectic when you have multiple clients with multiple social accounts each. But don’t worry – it was fun!

As a social media marketing agency, it wasn’t too difficult for us to transition to remote work. However, there were some changes online and in the industry that we had to adapt to. Probably the most notable change for all digital marketers – social media engagement.

Social media engagement changed during COVID-19 because schedules became non-traditional and unpredictable. This meant that people were not on social media at the regular times that were documented pre-COVID. I had to reorganize our content and conduct more research on our audiences.

Content Creation

Social media management isn’t possible without content! At the beginning of my internship, the first thing that I was introduced to was creating graphics. Some important aspects of creating content include brand colors, brand typography, brand message, and design style.

Just as I had to learn brand voice, I also had to learn these other brand aspects in order to adequately create content. Creating content has been my favorite part of my internship. It has enabled me to be creative and change design styles based on the company I am creating for.

When the pandemic started to affect businesses, I had to transition the content to match the current events and trending topics. As we know, COVID-19 has become the biggest topic for the majority of the year. In marketing, staying up to date on pressing topics like this is essential.

Building Marketing Strategies

Your marketing strategy is the heart of your plan for reaching your company goals. Marketing strategies can get very complex and intimidating. In college I learned about SMART goals, and here I was finally able to practice creating them!

Creating these SMART goals has been so helpful to all areas of my internship. Having something to look back on that is specific towards our goals has been extremely beneficial.

Once the pandemic hit, everything was changing and many industries had a sense of uncertainty. Business goals and strategies changed for most of the companies we work with. Overall, each struggle has been an opportunity to learn and gain more adaptation skills.

Working with Startups Means No Day is the Same

It is so important to note that no day is the same when working for a marketing agency – especially Cadencey, who works primarily with startups! For me, this has been so beneficial to my growth because I have been able to test ideas and learn in multiple areas.

Working with startup companies immerses you in the startup world – which I have found in Atlanta is awesome. There have been so amazing people and companies that I have found through entering this realm.

I have been able to get personalized feedback and work directly with founders. I wore multiple hats and was able to test out my skillsets. If you are considering working with a startup – I highly recommend!

Author: Rachel Johnston

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