6 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps Startups

6 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps Startups

Social media marketing can transform your new business and help you gain traffic — here are some of the ways to make that happen.

Social media is thriving more than ever before — for businesses and individuals. It is time to capitalize off of this opportunity, and start social media marketing for YOUR startup.

So many opportunities can come from social media exposure, but many startups don’t know where to start! Trying to figure out social media and how to amplify your exposure could be a challenge — on top of regular business activities — so it may be in your best interest to partner with an agency.

Want to know more about what social media can do for you? Below, we will discuss 6 of the top ways that social media marketing can amplify your startup.

1. Helps With Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the first step for your startup to get recognized by your potential clients or customers. Statistics show that 91% of businesses used social media marketing in 2019, and these stats are rising yearly.

Social media is a great point of reference for interested customers or clients. Since customers use social media to search businesses, it is very important for a startup looking to gain credibility and awareness to have a great social media presence!

2. Transfers Viewers Into Customers

When you are consistent on social media, you will keep making impressions on potential customers. Once viewers start becoming aware of your brand, it is likely that they will transfer into customers.

Social media has the convenience of transferring viewers to a landing page. Whether you are trying to get customers to sign up for a webinar or contact you to partner together — social media makes it easy to send them there!

3. Creates a Personality For Your Startup

Every company has its own personality, tone, and message. Social media marketing helps convey your brand personality to potential customers.

Another great thing about social media — it helps you connect and communicate with your clients and customers. You can answer questions, communicate with them if they are experiencing issues, and receive feedback. Statistics show that 86% of customers support companies with honest and authentic brand personalities on social media.

What’s great about being a startup is that you can frequently test different ideas. You can learn more about your target market by communicating with them on social media, or seeing what campaigns they respond best to.

4. Drive Traffic Organically or Paid

Another reason social media is so popular for businesses is because you can drive traffic organically or through paid advertisements. Put simply, if you do not have a big budget for extra advertisements, you can still make sales and develop brand awareness through organic posts.

If you want to take it a step further, all social media platforms allow for paid advertising campaigns for business accounts. This means that you can create campaigns and advertisements to target your specific target market — and choose your own budget.

5. Enhances Industry Knowledge

Social media is a great resource for market research and viewing your competitors. This also allows you to stay up to date on current trends in your industry — which is key!

Social media marketers are constantly viewing these trends and gaining industry knowledge to best target customers. Marketers know which social media platforms are best for each business — so that your target industry is always reached.

6. Improves Visibility

You want your company’s pages to be easy to find. SEO can be improved drastically through creating company social media pages and building engagement. Databox statistics show that SEO can be complicated, but 66% of respondents say that there is a positive correlation between social shares and SEO.

The more your business is consistent on social media and engaging in others, the more others will start engaging with your business and sharing your content.

Overall, social media marketing can enhance your online presence, create leads, amplify brand awareness for your startup, and more! When your company is fresh, you may have a hard time juggling social media + regular business activities. If you are looking to partner with an agency to get the most out of the social media experience — contact us today — and we will transform your social media one post at a time!

Author: Rachel Johnston

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